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3 years ago
He might be small, but he is getting some head, and I am at home jerking off alone
3 years ago
I might be bigger than him but I am still jealous, he's getting some nice head.
Meanwhile I can't even find a place to jerk off right now, so really...who wins?
I bet I could give her three loads in a row right now!
anonyme 3 years ago
my dick is 13cm
ChubbysmALLcocK 3 years ago
I'm not embarrassed to have a small cock. My older BBW Gf loves it, its perfect for her pussy, ass and mouth. She can suck, let me tell you. Doesn't swallow though. But she is a freak in bed, and just can't get enough of my small cock!!!
So rock what you got guys!
scooter 3 years ago
Small? That dudes huge compared to my pathetic little pee stick.
Dirk diggler 2 years ago
Kinda like when I was a 12 my dick was still small and my older 20yr old cousin would babysit me and once my parents where gone she would suck my small dick just like that, she would make me cum so hard in her mouth,, what a lucky kid I was,,
Tom Brady 3 years ago
Draco 3 years ago
Shes got some good dick sucking skills
Little dick 1 year ago
Popped my wife’s cherry with my little dick 4” only dick she had and she thinks it’s cute
2 years ago
I watch these videos to make myself feel better...
Until I realize these dudes get more pussy than me with a cock a fraction of the size. If you're watching this for the same reason I am, just know that you have no hope and neither do I.